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Testimonials Testimonials from the Fusion Team are based on previous Festivals they have been involved in.

  • What a show you put on last week, incredible and all the hard work behind the scenes, you guys really smashed it.
    To quote a line from Star Trek. “Can I cook or can I”.

  • I will never ever be able to put into words what you’ve done for me and the confidence you’ve given me to keep going forward in this business.

  • The contacts alone that you and the festival introduced me to are priceless, I don’t need to tell you about how many doors you have to knock on to get one open... slightly.

  • ... A sincere thank you to you and to all your team. Another great festival, it just gets better, saw some fabulous films and had a great time networking and of course seeing everyone in your team again. All went smooth as clockwork, easy to take for granted but I know how much hard work goes on behind the scenes to achieve that. It’s so great to feel part of the family now.

  • We wanted to thank you for all the work you did and most of all, for the great interview with Judith, Jake, and myself. You’re a great host and belong on TV!

  • The festival was great and we were honored and thankful for our award.

    Best wishes in the future!”

  • Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the organisers at the film festival. As this was our first attempt at a movie we were delighted just to be nominated never-mind actually winning something. It was amazing thing for us and our small town has heaped much praise and the BBC also featured us. We hope this will help us help us springboard into the movie business. But what it did do was give the team here a real boast in confidence and we are looking forward to taking the award out to show the young people what was worth all the hard work.

  • The staff and yourself really made us feel welcome, we kind of looked at ourselves as outsiders but never felt excluded in anyway.

  • I wanted you to know what a a terrific job you do at each festival, it keeps getting better and better.

  • I love how professionally done your “interviews” are - so much so I use them for my website!

  • Your interview technique, questions and creativity in how you navigate the interview and ask such unique, pointed questions that make me learn more about my creative process or discover things about myself and making the film I hadn’t realized before is truly wonderful. It’s obvious you take the time to research and really think about the person who made the film and all the different facets of the film. I thank you so much for that! And attention to detail and personal interest and care you give to each and everyone of us filmmakers!

  • Thank you for having us at your festival. We had a great time. The event was beautifully run, and the awards ceremony was extremely classy and memorable. It went above and a beyond our expectations. You all did a wonderful job! We look forward to returning in the future with a new project, and seeing you all again.

  • We love the personal touch that you bring to the festivals, even taking the time to phone us although we’re in LA – a wonderful moment that we have never experienced with any other Festival and taking the time to thoroughly answer ALL of our questions! Also, even the opportunity of a filmed interview at your festival was amazing and allowed us to promote our project even further across all forms of social media – THANK-YOU ALL so much for the best festival experience ever!