• – This was my first time attending a festival and it was top notch. Everything was made to make you feel welcomed and special. Received some good information on pursuing avenues to get my project produced. Looking forward to use the information that I have. Thanks Dan and Steve. 

  • – Once again Steve, Dan and the rest of the team have demonstrated their expertise in putting on a first class inaugural Film Festival. Their passion for films and filmmakers shines through in everything they do. Every winner was given space and time to share their productions personal story, which to any filmmaker is an important part of the process.

  • – This is a well organised festival, with attention to details in aspects from accommodation to screenings to networking events and the award night. I left the festival feeling recharged and inspired to keep going on my next projects. Along the way, I enjoyed the city immensely that the festival was hosted at, and meeting filmmakers from all walks of life and countries of all over the world. It was a very friendly and open environment, all thanks to the Festival organisers Dan and Steve, who always make you feel welcome. I appreciate very much their clear communication throughout. 
    Thank you for the wonderful time and experience, I strongly recommend others to submit their hard work to this festival. I certainly will! 

  • – Dan and Steve bring the utmost in intelligence, passion and heart to the creation of their Film Festivals. They conduct “Fusion” with real fission…In all, they are truly innovative/cutting edge and in the forefront of organizing and presenting the best and newest in the realms of contemporary film. They are extraordinarily responsive to both the Films and the Filmmakers that they exhibit. 

  • – This is a great festival. Two cool guys, Dan and Steve, take good care of you. All very well organised and neat, awesome selection of films, good people and a fantastic award night! Thanks a lot! 

  • – The North Europe International Film Festival was probably the best festival I’ve been to so far. I was amazed by the quick and clear communication from Dan leading up to the festival. They made attending from a different country a seamless experience. The networking opportunities were great! Met a lot of new and talented people that I would love to work with. The whole week culminated in a classy awards ceremony that celebrated the whole week. Overall, Dan and Steve put together a top tier festival.

  • – What an absolutely AMAZING festival! Brilliantly organised from start to finish! Loads of opportunities to watch the widest variety of films and also network or just chill with so many other creatives, culminating in a fantastic gala dinner and awards ceremony! 🙂 LOVED IT! 
  • – Fantastic festival and the directors are wonderful guys. It was great to promote my projects, but I also enjoyed each and every film I viewed, in various categories. 
    Cheers, mates!


  • Hanni Bergesch

    The Brussel Film Festival was a complete success. Small, elegant, super well organized, like every Fusion is. Keep it up Dan and Steve. We’ll be back again, and again, and again…
  • Herbert Golder

    An all around wonderful experience, organized by people who care passionately about film and who go out of their way to connect with and support filmmakers. In the most positive sense, and although highly competitive, the event feels as much like a family reunion, a warm and congenial gathering of dedicated and like-minded people, as a venue for exhibiting one’s film. Interactions with other filmmakers have been a deeply rewarding and important part of the experience, and that is a direct result of the climate, and the spirit with which they infuse the festival, that Dan and Steve have created. The range, caliber, and accomplished level of the film the films chosen are, moreover, truly impressive. A rich and rewarding experience.
  • Linda Broocks

    This festival was excellent from start to finish, with an emphasis on creating a positive and productive experience for the filmmakers. From the initial notification of selection to the ending awards dinner, the organizers demonstrate their personal interest in each film and filmmaker and their desire to assist each in making personal contacts and promoting their films. I encourage all serious filmmakers to submit to this festival. I only wish that Fusion would host festivals in the US!
  • Deborah Novak

    What a wonderful festival! So professional, and the communication was outstanding! Congratulations to all involved!
  • Phil Lombardi

    High caliber and international scope with friendly communication. The best. In fact, exceptional communication with the participants. Thank you, thank you!
  • Laura Carruthers

    An absolute must for any serious filmmaker — I’ve been to many film festivals over the past couple of years and none, except for this one, have made me feel that I’ve experienced something bigger and better than a typical film festival. First, you really get to know the directors, who are a charming, class act and are very accessible, while creating an incredible vibe for everyone. They’re genuinely interested in the filmmaker — They’ll interview you, introduce you to special guests, and other filmmakers. They provide opportunities for promotion and even publish the magazine, Film Focus, for their selected films and filmmakers, which gives good insight into films before you see them. The week-long festival is well-organized and tightly packed with a great variety of well-exhibited films, but also leaves some free time in the schedule to explore the beautiful European cities hosting the event. It concludes with an exquisitely prepared, formal dinner and awards ceremony — Everything about this festival oozes respect for film and passionate filmmaker!Just a wonderful moment of *connective synergy*, if you will, among all involved. You’re bound to leave with professional connections and good feelings about the whole experience for life.Don’t even hesitate to submit your film – It’s well worth the effort… In fact, I would love to see Fusion Film Festivals go trans-Atlantic and show the States how it’s done!
  • Melissa Ash-Brownell

    It was an honor to be selected as a finalist with my Short Western Film. Due to unforeseen complications, I was not able to attend. I see from those who did I missed a great opportunity. Thank you Steve for good communications and good luck with future festivals.
  • Marshall Ferrin (Writer)

    Hi, This is an outstanding competition. The truly international scope of the films and the people that were part of this festival is of a very high caliber. They have an extensive network of reviewers that have excellent industry backgrounds. The organizers do everything they can to assist in making this a positive experience. I hardly recommend any of their four festivals for film and or script submissions. Sincerely,
  • Shelagh Carter

    This Festival is exceptional in all ways. Dan and Steve come from the heart. They love film and because of that their efforts on behalf of ALL the filmmakers is generous and sincere. They are constantly thinking about and putting into effect more options to explore during the Festival week. That takes a tremendous commitment in time and energy. So Bravo! to them and the wonderful people they have brought together to make this Festival happen.
  • Randy Ayres

    Great support for an amazing community of creatives!
  • Teresa Mular MD

    The Fusion Festival it’s a spectacular festival. Greatly organized and very well attended by phenomenal filmmakers. So proud and honored to have been part of it . Not to be missed! Networking is amazing and making new friends a treat on its own. Bravo to all the organizers!
  • John Y

    We are thrilled that our feature film, Million Loves in Me be awarded Best Foreign Language Feature Film and our short film, the Unknown Mother be awarded Best Original Screenplay in A Short Foreign Language Film in West Europe International Film Festival. The film festival is very well organised under the hard work of Dan and Steve and the entire team. Networking is superb and we have the sense of building up a strong bond with some frequent goers to Fusion International film festival . I will recommend my friends and filmmakers whom I met to submit their excellent work to Fusion for consideration .
  • Uwe Schwarzwalder

    Very honoured being part of this amazing film festival. Dan and Steve and the whole organisational staff are most friendly, all setup in a beautiful venue. The variety of outstanding film productions is remarkable and the people you meet there are very inspiring. It’s a great place to make lasting connections. Many thanks for the award we received!
  • Mark Solter

    The creators of The Moon Smells Like Gunpowder are honored to receive the BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY in a SHORT FILM AWARD and BEST SOUND DESIGN AWARD from the West Europe International Film Festival 2019. We appreciate Dan Hickford’s and Steve Grossmith’s top-tier support, as well as that of the Awards Jury & Technical Team. An exceptional, organization!
  • Matthew Sauve

    The West Europe International Film Festival was the most rewarding festival I’ve attended in almost 3 years on the festival circuit. The high caliber of films by the talented filmmakers I met will be my friends for life. While in Brussels at this festival filmmakers actually wrote and filmed a project. If that’s not telling of the creative minds I met while in attendance then I don’t know what is. Dan, Steve and Colin genuinely love ALL platforms of storytelling and it would be a shame not experience a Fusion Film Festivals event for yourself. The venue was top notch as always and I have made memories that will last a lifetime. Networking is invaluable in our industry so with that being said I will see you in Warsaw, Poland at the East Europe International Film Festival in November, submissions are still open so don’t miss this chance…submit now!!!
  • The Church of Almighty God (CAG)

    We enjoyed being part of this wonderful film festival; our film The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything was the winner of Best Visual Effects or Design. Thanks to Steve, Dan, and the whole group of organisers, who are warm, friendly and quick-responded. It’s a good opportunity to see many excellent films and meet many interesting persons there. Highly recommend for submissions.
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