Technical Information

Nomination Clips


When preparing your clip, please ensure it is only 8-10 seconds long, we would also be delighted if you could provide us with a different clip, should your film be nominated for more than one award, in other words, for each nomination, please provide a separate clip.

Please do not overlay any text or graphics over your clip, the only exception being if it is a clip that has subtitles in English (for a non-English language film for example).


We will be screening with the aspect ratio of 16:9 – 1080p and MP4/MOV would be much appreciated.

PLEASE, keep the file size to a maximum of 200MB, although we understand this may not always be possible.

Naming your clip

It is really important that you name your clip as the film title and category, this helps speed things up when it comes to placement and filing.


Please begin sending us your clips, the earlier, the better for you.

We would like to have them all in a month before the festival begins.


You can send the clips via popular cloud storage services such as Vimeo, Google Drive, WeTransfer and so on, or simply go to the links below for more options:
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