Fusion International Film Festivals has been specifically designed to bring together filmmakers from all over the world – this is our passion.

With four high quality International Film Festivals across major cities in Europe – and all with excellent international transport links – we are a dedicated team of professionals who want to help you succeed and allow you to take your project to the next step.

Our International Film Festivals will provide an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and industry professionals with countless networking opportunities with others from within the film industry. This also offers the perfect platform to share advice, tips and information on topics from a vast array of subjects including technical aspects of filming, casting, location hints and script writing. We know from running International Film Festivals for a number of years that introductions are made and collaborations born. 

We truly are passionate about supporting independent film across the globe! We are keen to partner with as many film commissions as possible in order to promote and encourage filming in new and exciting locations around the world.
Independent filmmakers and creatives can sometimes feel restricted with what is available to them! We want to create a community feel at our festivals that educates and encourages filmmaking for years to come.

Our dedicated team already have huge expertise in this arena and by viewing a selection of our testimonials below you can be confident that we know how to deliver an exceptional set of International Film Festivals.

The prodigious talent and fortitude of all the filmmaker we meet is incredible and the time, energy, and effort they put into not only telling their story but tirelessly working to bring it to audiences is astounding and we are strongly committed to supporting your project.

We know that we will be amazed by the breadth of work that we are looking to showcase in our Festivals from all over the globe; filmmakers and scriptwriters by their very nature are first class storytellers. It all starts here by entering today.

Our prestigious awards ceremonies conclude each Festival with a dazzling red-carpet gala dinner to celebrate our nominees and winners. Our Festivals are unique events that provides a real platform for filmmakers to meet, network and do business during the Festival week.

Fusion International Film Festivals

Team Members

Festival Director

Steve Grossmith

Festival Director & Head of Marketing

With nearly 15 years experience in marketing, PR and publishing, Steve is also the driving force behind the festival publication ‘Film Focus’. Always happy to have a chat and to dive deep into any conversation you will always find him approachable and full of enthusiasm. Steve also conducts the majority of the filmed sit down interviews that take place at each festival.

With a love of cinema and diverse films from all over the world, Steve really feels at home with filmmakers and loves finding out about how concepts came to life as he is fascinated about the stories behind the story (and also loves a glass of ice cold Leffe Beer!)

Alongside Dan, Steve has experience in over 20 independent film festivals and is thrilled to be bringing Fusion International Film Festivals to the circuit.

Festival Director

Dan Hickford

Festival Director & Coordinator

With a degree in Film Production and experience as a Journalist, Dan loves to be creative. He says: “I feel that I can live vicariously through filmmakers and enjoy the best of both worlds”.

Dan is the mind behind the attention to detail at the festivals and coordinates multiple aspects in the build up to each event and during the festival week.
You will see him at the Welcome Desk with a smile on his face and a memory for names that will blow you away!

Dan is also responsible for his own style of interviewing with his unscripted red carpet sessions.

With a passion for Independent Film and seeing New Talent, Dan is excited to meet many new creatives and see where their journey takes them.

Technical Director

Stephen Mina

Technical Director
With a passion for innovation, tech and making concepts a reality Stephen is a pivotal member of the Fusion Team. Having studied graphics he ventured into magazine design. It was here where he met Dan and Steve. With a shared love of film and supporting independent cinema joining Fusion was a natural and welcomed transition.
Stephen is responsible for multiple aspects within the festival such as webdesign, our wonderful Film Focus publication and filmed interviews. He is always on hand to assist those with technical questions.
Business Development Executive

Charlie Inder

Business Development Executive
Charlie, has joined the Fusion Team having briefly spent some time in the independent film festival circuit over the past couple of years.
With a passion for cinema and supporting filmmakers he is excited to see where his Fusion journey takes him. He said that he feels he has some ‘unfinished business’ and that the little taste he had for the industry left him wanting more. He is relishing the opportunity to continue learning as much as possible about the hardwork independent filmmakers go through and the importance of film festivals that can support them.

Charlie shares our ambitions, mentality and desire to truly make a difference and add value to the festival experiences of independent creatives. His primary role is to support company Co-Director Dan in the Business Development side of the festivals.
Festival Photographer

Stuart Watson

Festival Photographer

For Stuart, photography is all about capturing moments which tell a story, his photographic history is long and varied, beginning with film cameras and home made dark rooms.  

His current work includes: product, event and promotional imagery; automotive and street photography and he is a regular contributor to a one-make motoring publication.

Film Festivals culminate in grand celebrations and emotional outpouring, all of which are planned for and frozen in digital time.  But Stuart also spends a great deal of time photographing the events which take place in the days before the award ceremonies involving everyone who attends the Festivals.

Award Night Hosts

Melissa Clements

Melissa Clements

Melissa Clements is an award winning film and stage actress. She trained at the Sylvia Young Theatre School and ArtsEd London.

Melissa has produced and performed in two short comedy/drama films, Cold Reader and The Date. For Cold Reader she won the Best Actress award at The London Ealing Film Awards. She’s also appeared in several commercials and TV idents.

Melissa has toured in UK and International stage productions and performed in several plays as part of repertory theatre seasons.

Melissa also works as an ADR and dubbing voice artist on television series.

Bob Dobson

Bob Dobson

As an actor, Bob has performed in many theatre productions, most recently appearing for two seasons with Suffolk Summer Theatre. He has also featured in several TV programs and some smaller roles on film. He is also one half of renowned comedy duo ‘Bob and Jim’ appearing several times on BBC Radio 4 as well as Channel 4 and BBC 2. He has hosted several comedy events around London and was the resident host of the ‘Sitcom Competition’, an industry sponsored event searching for new sitcom writers for British TV. Alongside this he has guest hosted several charity award evenings most recently for the Dennis Wise Charity Foundation. He currently writes comedy shorts and sitcoms alongside performing and also works a producer for the Associated Press Entertainment department in the London office.

Festival Ambassadors

Colin Graham

Colin Graham

Colin and Laura Graham are Writers, Directors Producers, Editors and Self Shooters with a background in Industry, Project Management Strategic Development and Law.

Laura Graham

Laura Graham

Founders of Coviro Productions Ltd, a boutique production house that undertakes corporate and private commissions as well as filming short films, documentaries and art installations. They specialise in telling unique stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

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